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Oligoglena flaveola (Brullé, 1832)

Oligoglena flaveola, calling song phrases A and B, Peloponnese, Greece - rec. M.G.

Oligoglena flaveola, same as above but frequency reduced by 50% for easy listening

Oligoglena flaveola, calling song, phrase C

Oligoglena flaveola, same as above but frequency reduced by 50% for easy listening

<em>Mezammira flaveola</em> comb. nova: a - neotype, male; b - female
<em>Mezammira flaveola</em>, live specimen from Peloponnese, Greece (photo M.Gogala)
<em>Mezammira flaveola</em>, male - Mt. Mynthi, Peloponnese (Photo M. Gogala)

Syn.: Cicadetta flaveola (Brullé, 1832)

Syn.: Cicadivetta flaveola (Brullé, 1832)

Syn.: Mezammira flaveola (Brullé, 1832)



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