Cicadetta brevipennis litoralis :: European Cicadas

Cicadetta brevipennis litoralis Puissant & Hertach, 2016

Selection of the calling song of Cicadetta brevipennis litoralis recorded by S. Puissant near Toreilles, France

C. b. litoralisthe same selection as above but with frequency reduced by 50% for easy listening

<em>Cicadetta brevipennis litoralis</em> holotype and female paratype - photo T.Hertach
<em>Cicadetta brevipennis litoralis</em>, singing - Photo S.Puissant
Salt marsh at sea level at Torreilles (Eastern Pyrenees, France), habitat of <em>Cicadetta brevipennis litoralis</em> - Photo S.Puissant

Hertach T, Puissant S, Gogala M, Trilar T, Hagmann R, Baur H, et al. (2016). Complex within a Complex: Integrative Taxonomy Reveals Hidden Diversity in Cicadetta brevipennis (Hemiptera: Cicadidae) and Unexpected Relationships with a Song Divergent Relative. PLoS ONE 11(11): e0165562. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0165562

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