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Cicadetta dirfica Gogala, Trilar, Drosopoulos 2011

Cicadetta dirfica, calling song - Mt. Dirfis, Evia, Greece

Cicadetta dirfica, the same recording, but frequency reduced to 50% for easy listening

Mt. Dirfis, Evia (Euboia) - type locality of 2 endemic Cicadettini, <em>Cicadetta dirfica</em> and <em>Euboeana castaneivaga</em>
<em>Cicadetta dirfica</em> Gogala et al. 2011 - alive
<em>Cicadetta dirfica</em> Gogala et al. 2011 - specimens from collection
Differences in uncus <em>C. dirfica</em> (left) : <em>Euboeana castaneivaga</em>
Differences in venation of tegmina <em>C. dirfica</em> (left) : <em>Euboeana castaneivaga</em>

Gogala M., Trilar T., Drosopoulos S., 2011. Two new species and a new genus of Cicadettini (Hemiptera, Cicadidae) from the Greek island of Evia. Deutsche Entomologische Zeitschrift. 58:

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Gogala M., Trilar T., 2014. Distribution of endemic cicadas (Hemiptera: Cicadidae) on Evia and adjacent islands in Greece. Acta entomologica slovenica 22(1): 45-58. PDF

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