Mezammira goumenissa Gogala, Drosopoulos & Trilar 2012

High frequency song of Cicadivetta goumenissa - typical sequence from a song, which can last about the minute with many repetitions

The same song sequence of Cicadivetta goumenissa sp. nova with reduced frequency to 50% for old ears

During the song the duration of long echemes sometimes increases and the number of short echemes inbetween decreases

Again carrier frequency of the same selection reduced to 50%!

At the end of a song there are usually longer sequences of short echemes and the song dies out or is again repeated with the pattern shown in the first two samples.

Carrier frequency of the same selection reduced to 50%!

Syn.: Cicadivetta goumenissa Gogala, Drosopoulos & Trilar 2012


Gogala M., Drosopoulos S., Trilar T., 2012. Cicadivetta goumenissa, a new cicada species from Peloponesos, Greece (Hemiptera: Cicadidae). Acta entomologica slovenica 20(1): 5-16. PDF

Gogala M, Drosopoulos S, Trilar T (2013) New distributional and bioacoustic data about Cicadivetta goumenissa from Peloponnese, Greece (Hemiptera, Cicadidae). In: Popov A, Grozeva S, Simov N, Tasheva E (Eds) Advances in Hemipterology. ZooKeys 319: 83–91. doi: 10.3897/zookeys.319.4452

Gogala M., Puissant S., Trilar T (2017). Revision and resurrection of the genus name Mezammira Fieber, 1876 (Hemiptera: Cicadidae) with special focus on its species from Greece and the description of two new species. Acta entomologica slovenica 25(1): 5-64.PDF

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